The CPU is fully loaded in standby mode

Four or five customers recently reported that during the use of Xavier Developer Suite, CPU1 was fully loaded in standby mode, and so was the case when the system was redrawn. What’s the reason? Is it related to the previous incident that there was a problem with the factory board,

Please share the result of /proc/interrupts when error happens.

I suggest also showing all “zombie” processes. I don’t currently have any zombie processes, but the following should work while this occurs:
ps aux | egrep '(^USER| Z )'
(the “STAT” column is the one of interest when showing as “Z”, but the command might show others if there is a “Z” somewhere surrounded by a space, e.,g., the ps command itself will show up)

I don’t know if what you are seeing is due to this, but you might find this of interest:

There was at least one case (long ago, I no longer remember details) of some sort of disk access process being killed off such that some part of it was not removed and was being counted towards CPU use even though the process was no long in existence…a zombie. Perhaps it is a zombie process?

Note: “htop” can be told to display a “STATE” column. This would show state “Z” for a zombie process. You’d use F2 for customize, go down to “columns”, and the right to “Available Columns”, and pick “STATE” to add this to display. You might or might not need to run htop with sudo for some display, not sure.

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