The deepstream-moj-app will show more and more grids after multiple camera addition/removal operations in VST

I found the deepstream-moj-app will show more and more grids while executing multiple addition/removal operations in VST.
Could I find a way to add/remove cameras correctly from the documentation provided by NVIDIA including changing the config properties or other methods?

Can you share one video to show the issue? Can you have a try with below steps:
Add cam1-> add cam2->add cam3->add cam4
Remove cam4->remove cam3->remove 2

I followed your suggestion of adding 1->2->3->4 and then removing 4->3->2, but I’m still facing an issue where the grid keeps increasing when I try to add 2, 3, and 4 back.

The video of the operation process is as follows:
[VST: more and more grid]

I had the same problem while developing a stream management client which works with the ds-server application.

Can you share the log of: docker logs deepstream? The log is something like below. We can see there are 4 RTSP streams in below log.

Active sources : 0
Wed Mar 27 08:01:50 2024
0.00 (25.56) source_id : 3 stream_name cam4
0.00 (25.52) source_id : 2 stream_name cam3
0.00 (22.89) source_id : 1 stream_name cam2
0.00 (25.51) source_id : 0 stream_name cam1

The attachment was copied from logging-volume.
deepstream.log (798.5 KB)
I do the following actions:
+01, +02, +03, +04, -04, -03, -02, +03, +02
The final result is the below.

Thanks for reporting the issue. The issue will be fixed in next release.

Can you have a try if restart deepstream can workaround the issue: sudo docker restart deepstream ?

Yes, we can do a workaround to reset the number of grids to our expected by sudo docker restart deepstream.

Thanks for your conformation.