The device does not seem to be present, delaying initialization (need ifup device manually)

We have issues with bringing up Ethernet Mellanox MT27710 (ConnectX-4 Lx) upon reboot with CentOS 7.9.

mlx5_ib and mlx5_core drivers are all installed and the ethernet is recognized. We can manually bring up the ethernet. Does the issue seem to be on the initial kernel runtime upon reboot?

Any suggestions on how we can fix this?


What kind of error do you see in your dmesg ?

Do you use MOFED ?If yes which version ?

Reboot your machine.

Load the driver (/etc/init.d/openibd restart)

Modifiy your initramfs, by running mkinitrd command to update the initramfs with the loaded kernel modules driver


If it persists, please open a case