The new driver(319.17) don't save the colors with nvidia-config

The new dirver 319.17 has a bug that had been fixed in 313.30

If you open nvidia-config > GPU 0 > DFP-O > “Color Correction” and set the colors (ganma, brigh and contrast), when you re-open nvidia config or reboot THIS CONF DON’T SAVE. This bugs was fixed in the 313.30 version, but now this bug is here again.

< My system >

  • OpenSUSE 12.3 (x86_64)
  • KDE 4.10.2
  • Kernel 4.7.10-1.1
  • Nvidia GT 440 (Gigabyte)

Can you please attach your .nvidia-settings-rc file from after you adjusted those options?

I confirm this with nvidia-settings version 319.17 and 319.23.

It applies changes but doesn’t load them.

Here is example of what nvidia-settings writes to -rc file after I change/apply values and exit:


It doesn’t work that way. If I open nvidia-settings and just exit, it writes default zeroes and 1.0 gamma to -rc, but still never load them. Other entries in -rc file are not corrupted.

So I created separate file with corrected entries that do apply and load them with nvidia-settings -l --config=~/tmp/.nvidia-settings-rc


Thanks for the bug report. We’ve identified the problem and it should be fixed in a future driver release.

319.32 does not fix this problem.
Same behavior as previous versions; nvidia-settings overwrites nvidia-settings.rc with default values.

I confirm this in the “new” driver 319.32.

For me, this is a very, very importart feature, please fix the bug.

Please try 325.08.

325.08 tested on two PCs.
HP Pavilion Desktop t3540 - GeForce GF 8400GS
HP Pavilion Laptop dv7-3140 - GeForce GT 320M

Works perfectly!

nvidia-settings starts immediately and does not overwrite nvidia-settings.rc


Yes, now works perfectly!