The problem about Jetson TX1 shutdown.

Hi All,
When we test the ON/OFF state,we find a problem.
Keeping POWER_BTN# low for 7 seconds will power down the Jetson TX1.
But,if Keeping POWER_BTN# low less than 7 seconds,it will display four options as follow:

And then,after waiting for some time about twenty to thirty seconds,it will shutdown sometimes.But it will always remain in the picture.
So,it is uncertain state?

Hi Wance, We will try to reproduce this problem on our side first and then update you. Thanks!

Hi Wance,

That is an intentional / un-intentional implementation of power-menu on Ubuntu.

If the menu persists for ~5-7 secs (because user have pressed the power button) then it automatically takes default action, i.e. power down the device.
It happens on x86 machines too. This is not a bug on Jetson TX1.