The problem of USB instability in TX2

Hello guys!

I ran into following error when using UVC video capture card though USB3.0 on Tx2.
The video capture is HDMI to USB3.0, work at 1920x1080@30FPS mode.
Tx2 use OpenCV to capture video steam through UVC protocol.
In the first few hours, everything was well. But the video stream will disappear in the next few hours.

After problems arise:

  1. Viewed by ls/dev/video*, the video1 of the UVC mapping collector disappeared.
  2. Run the lsusb command, you can only see two root hub and no other devices. Even USB devices (such as U-disks 、mouse) are no longer recognized.
    3.Use usbmon to grab the package when inserting or pulling out the USB peripheral, there is no log.
    4.Restart NVIDIA tx2, USB will be normal again.

Any advise please


Platform info:
Jetson tx2
CUDA Version 10.0.166
Python 3.6.7
TensorRT version

Perhaps it is going into an energy save mode. As an experiment try running at max performance:

sudo nvpmodel -m 0
sudo jetson_clocks
# Begin testing...