TX2 read usb video problem

Now we have a usb camera(YUYV) on my TX2 via USB2(B42 B43).And use V4L2 to read these frames.
When i power on my device the in my /dev/video* (video0 and video1), I could see them.
Sometimes I power off and power on, I can see this devs, but i cannot read stream from video*(about 5 times will appear once ). The error is select timeout.

Could you try other USB cameras? We have Logitech c930 and E-Con See3CAM CU135. Don’t observe the error. Suspect it may be specific to the camera and would like to suggest you try other cameras also.

That sounds like a signal quality issue. You might try a shorter cable.

Thank, I have used other cameras, it’s ok.
Thanks alls~~