The USB of TX2 does not work on the custom board

background: tx2 jetpack4.4
questions:The USB of TX2 does not work on the custom board, please help me.
below is boot log:
serial_2020-09-07_15-46-54.log (114.3 KB)


If your design is different from devkit, then please read the TX2 adaptation guide to modify dt for usb part.

The TX2 core USB purchased in 2019 works normally, but the TX2 USB purchased in August 2020 does not work. Is there any difference between them?I might need to make some changes to our board


Comparing the modules you bought is not the good method for this issue.
It is probably your method on 2019 module is also wrong but just some luck makes it work.

Please also note that r28 and r32 uses different configuration too because kernel versions differ.

Where is the bpmp-dtb and p2771-0000.conf.common?I can’t find them in source code.

p2771-0000.conf.common is under Linux_for_Tegra. Don’t need to modify bpmp-dtb. Just modify the ODMDATA inside the p2771-0000.conf.common.

It’s just a number and I don’t know how to modify it

If you don’t know it, then you better keep reading the document…
Just few lines later from your screenshot…

I always thought it might be a change in the device tree. I didn’t want to change a mask in the past, so I didn’t pay attention to the Numbers.I’m sorry, thank you

what does the “nvidia,oc-pin = <1>;” in the dts reflect?

Optional properties:
  - nvidia,oc-pin: the overcurrent VBUS pin (should be >=0) the lane is using.
    When this property is specified, the corresponding OC pin will be monitored
    and if overcurrent event happens, the pad associated with this lane will be
    reported, Overcurrent support is default disabled if this property is absent.