There were some issues with R35.4.1 adapting the Samsung s5k1h1sb GMSL2 camera

After successfully loading the driver, I tried to print the frame rate using the v4l2-ctl command. But I failed, dmesg didn’t show any errors.

[   49.238820] s5k1h1sb 30-001a: sensor_start_streaming
[   49.239010] max96712 30-006b: 0x0034-w: 0x0100 = 0x00
[   49.239211] max96712 30-006b: 0x0034-w: 0x0101 = 0x01
[   49.239405] bwmgr API not supported
[   49.309485] bwmgr API not supported
[  208.258706] s5k1h1sb 30-001a: sensor_stop_streaming

The trace log is as follows:
trace (2).txt (2.2 KB)

But when I used argus_camera to preview the camera, I was able to preview the frame. However, the resolution of the preview screen is not correct, and the screen is not normal, as shown below:

I hope to get your help, thank you.

Boost the clocks to try.

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