TiS3, Graphene in graphics cards [Discussion]

It has been a couple of years since Graphene has darkened GPU manufacturers’ doors. I am not a lamen but know using this substance for transistors is impractical, given the distance between “0” and “1” is too small vs using Silicon. However, given there is a shortage of Silicon, and is expected to continue for several years, we should explore just how much actually goes into making a graphics card, and if there is any way to mitigate this shortage with other materials. There is Titanium Trisulfide (TiS3), which has a similar band gap to Silicon, so could be used as a temporary substitute for the transistors to ease the shortages.

Graphene is more expensive (largely because nobody wants to use it, hence this keeps its cost high), but is also much better at heat dissipation, so it could be applied to the backplate, or even the radiators to make GPUs even cooler, and last longer.