TK1R21.4 Install CUDA and OpenCV3


I want to install OpenCV3 on my TK1, and I reference this website “”.
It says I need to install CUDA first, but I don’t know which CUDA version should I choose.
(I have tried CUDA6.5 on my TK1 R21.4, but my graphical interface looks strange.)

Thank you.

If you’ve flashed your R21.4 from JetPack full install, cuda-6.5 should already be installed.

ls /usr/local/cuda*

Just FYI, if you are thinking of versions of CUDA newer than 6.5 be aware that 6.5 is the newest (and last) release for 32-bit, and unless you have a very good reason for it, you won’t downgrade below 6.5.

I have found my CUDA-6.5 on my TK1, Thanks for your great help!