Tlt-converter for jetson nano

Hi all,
I have to convert .etlt to .trt in jetson nano and doing inferences on jetson nano.
I follow the instruction given on the web, i downloaded the tlt-converter from dev zone and then trying to convert by using this command in jetson nano:
./tlt-converter resnet34_peoplenet_pruned.etlt -k tlt_encode -o output_cov/Sigmoid,output_bbox/BiasAdd -d 3,544,960 -i nchw -m 64 -e resnet34_peoplenet.trt
but i am getting error: ./tlt-converter: error while loading shared libraries: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory.

Please help me to solve this. Thanks in advance.

Please upgrade to TensorRT7.
Suggest using Jetpack4.4 to flash the image and install cudnn8/CUDA/TensorRT7/DS5.