Tlt-streamanalytics training in Singularity without root access


Hi ! Is there someone that achieved to properly run an application sample like Faster RCNN in the docker with Singularity without root access ?
When I pull then run the .sif file with these commands :
singularity pull tlt-streamanalytics:v3.0-dp-py3.sif docker://
singularity run tlt-streamanalytics:v3.0-dp-py3.sif
This pops :

INFO: Could not find any nv files on this host!
mkdir: cannot create directory ‘/opt/ngccli’: Read-only file system
Then I have no examples or tlt-experiments folders.

After many local installations of ngccli, pip and tlt in my ~/.local/bin folder, i was able to reach the step before the conversion of the kitty dataset.

Any idea ?
Thanks !

Hi @gilles.charlier97 ,
You may get better assistance on TLT forum for your query, hence request you to raise it here.