To dive in or to wait?

Just getting started and can choose to get either a Jetson Nano or a Jetson Orin Nano dev kit. Is there anything comparable to Getting Started with AI on Jetson Nano for the Orin Nano? If not, should I wait for it or should I sink some money/time into a Jetson Nano?

Jetson Nano and the Jetson Nano Devkit are End Of Life and will never get any software updates past Ubuntu 18.04 and Jetpack 4.6.4. It’s a dead end.
Orin Nano just got Jetpack 6.0 with Ubuntu 22.04, which will get updates until April 2027 (5 years from release date).

Got that but, is there an entry level course for Orin Nano? Or a timeline for one?

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