Transferred 0 total shapes in process of Generating Facial Shape Keys

I followed the official tutorial (Generating Facial Shape Keys for Blender Characters with Audio2Face - YouTube) steps by steps. When I was using the official model, everything works fine. But when I imported a third-party model such as the free model on Mixamo, when I clicked “Transfer shape data” ( around 7:30 in the video) , showing “transferred 0 total shapes”. All other steps are exactly the (12.2 MB) (75.0 MB)

In other case, I tried some cel-shading models, and their heads seem to have only some mask-like meshes. Is that possible to driven by audio2face? (14.0 MB)

Any way, it definitely a game changer if we sovle all the problem in the workflow.
(I deleted some maps because the upload limit is 100 mb, maybe cause some trouble there)

hi @Seehow
It seems your model has multiple mesh islands. Audio2Face expects one continuous mesh. You can use Mesh -> Mesh Separate menu to fix this.