Trouble getting CUDA driver working. NEWB (help appreciated)

I’m very new to CUDA… I’m excited to use it, but I’d consider myself a complete newb.

Could someone help me get CUDA up and running? I have this old iMac from 2009 that came with this decent card installed. It’s probably the fastest computer I have at my disposal right now to play around with CUDA – but it’s from 2009 and has an ATI card.

I’m trying to clock my Data processing in Python with Accelerate and CUDA driver, but I can’t seem to get installed to begin at least experimenting with CUDA.

Can someone help a complete NEWB to NVIDIA CUDA out?

Thanks kindly

Pic above shows , got ATI Radeon HD 4850 card, trying to enable GPU acceleration 4 python Matlab C++
data analysis work, how do I get past this?
I’m using Python 3.6. mainly with Accelerate library & CUDA drivers
Trying to use multithreading ability of parallel GPU processing.
I’m not sure how to setup right. SUGGESTIONS?

check out my screenshot. Any ideas on how to get up and running? I can’t learn or begin to experiment without passing STEP 1
trouble getting this installed.

You won’t be able to meaningfully use CUDA (ie. run CUDA compiled programs) on a laptop with an AMD/ATI GPU. CUDA doesn’t work with AMD/ATI GPUs. That’s what the “No GPU Detected” message in red in your screenshot means. It means no CUDA-capable GPU detected. Your AMD/ATI GPU is not CUDA-capable.

Thanks. That’s a bummer. Ok. So, I guess I need to invest in new computer at later time and stick to NVIDIA. ;)