Trouble Installing a Tesla C870 in an Apple Macpro C870 Apple Mac Pro Installation

I have an apple mac pro. The mothether board on the Macpro has two 6 pin minifit connectors each connector is sepc’d to deliver 75Watts of power. I have attached apple booster cables to them and connected them to my Tesla c870 that I installed in the first pci-e slot. I have tested the cable for continuity and they check out. I still get the high pitched alarm from the c870 that indicates that it is not getting enough power.

Does anyone have any suggestions or expereince in fixing and or further testing?


Unless you are running Windows XP with Bootcamp, the C870 will not work under MacosX (it is missing the Apple EFI).

Yes I’m running windows XP with bootcamp. I’m having a power problem. Its the power sentinel alarm from the Tesla card that remains on. When the alarm is on, it means the card it is not getting enough power. I am referring to what appears to be a hardware problem.

Is this the new MacPro?
It supports the Quadro FX5600, it should support the C870 (under Windows).
What is the other video card in the system?

Sorry for the late reply. The other card is the NVIDIA 7300 GT 256MB that came with the system now in slot 2. Slot 1, the pci-e 16x slot has the c870. The old drivers have been replaced by the ones on the CUDA CD. Power coming from the two booster cables has been verified and measured at spec. But the alarm keeps sounding.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.