Trouble installing JetPack 4.2 for Jetson TX2 with SDK Manager


I have trouble installing JetPack 4.2 for Jetson TX2 with SDK Manager.

I follow the steps of this official documentation: I have finished flashing Jetson OS. The installing process bar can’t go on after reaching 69.95% and the following information shows up:

SDK Manager: Installation of CUDA Toolkits for L4T is taking longer than expected. Do you want to continue installing the packdge. Y/N

I toggle to the Terminal tab and it shows that:

INFO : CUDA Toolkit for L4T : dpkg: error: dpkg frontend is locked by another process.
INFO : CUDA Toolkit for L4T : Waiting 5 seconds for apt to be available.

Thanks in advance!

I use a dual core atom laptop…incredibly slow…and it does this as well. Just keep answering “Y”.

You could also need to wait for automatic unattended updates to finish before dpkg can continue. If there is an automatic update after a first reboot I can guarantee the update will take a long time (well, maybe not if you have gigabit fiber straight to an internet backbone and a very fast SSD). You might find this of interest:

Something I will suggest is that you could reboot the Jetson and run all of the updates manually before attempting other package installs (this would be in conjunction with disabling automatic unattended updates).


I solve the problem through the following command on the host computer:

sudo rm /var/lib/dpkg/lock

Just reboot the host computer and the installation can go on.