Trouble using dGPU acceleration with Vulkan (Driver 470, Mesa 20.8, Loader 1.3.224)

Using a device with a Quadro K1100M using driver branch 470, I have trouble with some software trying to use Intel’s integrated graphic instead of the dGPU for Vulkan acceleration.

I’m using Mesa 20.8, Nvidia 470.141.03, Kernel 5.4, Vulkan loader 1.3.224, X.Org X Server 1.19.6.
I tried various environment variable without success, including specifying nvidia’s icd file.
vulkan-smoke correctly choose the nvidia gpu without anything specific on my part.

This problem affects wine/DXVK that will always pick the integrated graphic, and sometime affect native linux binaries that will pick the integrated graphic and crash because some vulkan functions are only supported by the dGPU on my laptop.

Software using OpenGL always pick the dGPU, no issues on that side.
I’m getting desperate getting it to work.

Which distribution are you using?
The Xserver is too old to support render offload on nvidia, you can only configure it to use the nvidia gpu as primary gpu.