Trouble using tensorboard for my modulus-sym post processing

I’m having issues hosting tensor-board from my docker container. From within docker, I tried “tensorboard --logdir=./ --port=7007” as suggested in the online tutorials, and it produced a link, but the link isn’t valid. get told that my browser cannot connect to the server. I’m somewhat new to computing btw.

I tried a few workarounds from stackoverflow. I tried “tensorboard --logdir=data/ --host localhost --port 7007”, and I tried opening the docker container with the argument “-p <host_machine_port>:<tensorboard_port_inside_container>” with no success.

Anyone have any ideas? I’m working on an HPC used by my physics lab. I don’t have full admin permissions.

Hi @blum11

Are you running Modulus through a SSH tunnel? If so you’ll need to forward the same port in the tunnel to your local machine. Alternatively you can move the outputs to a mounted directory (better yet run in one) and then download them to view locally.