Trying hard to find A100 PCIe card for project

Hi,so I’ve searched pretty hard. I see price spreads from (NVIDIA A100 PCIe)$22000-$9800(if you build and buy a rack mount server with it)
I’m just a single person trying to maximize my potential and become a true developer. Can anyone provide me guidance? I would be beyond ecstatic if I could actually aquire one without putting myself in financial turmoil. Thank you for your time.

The A100 PCIE card is not designed to be installed in anything but a number of servers that are designed to support it. I wouldn’t recommend any other approach. The best approach (only recommended approach) is to purchase a server from an OEM preconfigured with the A100 GPU. It would be unwise to attempt to install it in a workstation, or desktop PC, or any other platform, including servers that are not on the list of those that are designed to support it.

All right cool thank you for the information I appreciate it