Can I install a PCIE network card in DGX Station A100?

Dear Support

Can I install a PCIE network card in DGX Station A100?
Will it affect GPU performance?

Ex. PCIE1 or PCIE2

Thank you.

Hi @jason.huang !

The DGX Station A100 doesn’t support adding any additional cards. While it may seem like there’s room to expand, the DGX Station A100 is tuned to stay within it’s power envelope under load, and keep the system operating in a relatively known configuration. Since allowing the addition of arbitrary cards would make that more complicated (or impossible, depending on what’s added), it’s just not something the system can support.

If you can share, what was the goal of installing another PCIe network card? For most customers, the pair of network ports is plenty, so I’d love to know what you had in mind!

Side note:
Since you addressed this to “Dear Support”, I wanted to make a small point of clarification…as a DGX customer, you can always contact NVIDIA Enterprise Support as described in About the DGX User Forum / Note: this is not NVIDIA Enterprise Support , and get fantastic support from our dedicated support engineers. This forum is informal discussion and Q&A for DGX users and anyone else interested.