PC doesn't boot with A100


I assembled a new PC with the A100 40 GB as AI card:

  • AMD Ryzen 9 5900X
  • MSI MEG X570 Unify
  • MSI GTX1050Ti

When turning on the PC, it doesn’t boot. My screen stays black. When removing the A100 from the board, then the PC boots and all works fine.
Is my A100 defect, or is there another issue? I am currently somewhat at a loss

Best regards

Hi @ld.pellaeon ,

It’s rather complicated. The A100 is a datacenter card intended for running in server systems (not consumer desktops). You may find A100 PCIe isn't recognized by BIOS useful.


Hi ScottE,

thanks for the link to the other discussion. I will read it and search for helpful hints. I expected it works with “normal” boards because of the standardized PCIe interface of the card.

Is there a list of compatible mainboards?

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Since the NVIDIA A100 boards are designed to be integrated into servers in the datacenter, not workstations, NVIDIA doesn’t maintain a list of compatible consumer motherboards. While it can physically fit in the systems (like you said, it’s just PCIe!), power, cooling, and BIOS requirements mean it’s not plug-and-play like a normal “video card” would be.

Your best bet would be to either use a workstation grade cart (RTX-whatever), or follow the recipe that is on that other discussion since that got at least two instances to a working setup.