TV Tuner for Nano

Context: I am looking to be able to record live TV for the purpose of sending the resulting video through a content annotation service. The videos are recorded as mpeg2 (ts wrapper) and must be transcoded to h264. It doesn’t have to necessarily do the transcoding “live” but it would save time in the overall process if the recording and transcoding to a .mp4 could happen concurrently.

Are there any TV Tuners supported for the Jetson Nano? Does anyone have any experience getting them working?

We don’t have any experience of using TV tuners. Other forum users may share their experience.

Please note that we support gstreamer and tegra_multimedia_api. For using H264 HW encoding/decoding, you need to use these two interfaces.

I haven’t tried my hauppauge usb stick yet, but both plex and emby seem happy with my hdhomerun. It’s a networked tuner and they actually make a model that outputs x264 if that helps.

HDHomerun Quatro is working, except I haven’t gotten it to stream to VLC yet but im sure its something I just need to google and pray.

Hauppage USB stick doesn’t work for me, there doesn’t seem to be any drivers available for it on this platform. The Extend would be awesome but I need 4 tuners for my use case. I’m using gstreamer to transcode and it works fairly well.