TX1 Jetpack 3.1 "Installing on Target" failure

Anyone else have issues with the sshd daemon?

Have a Ubuntu 11.04 host and a flashed TX1 to L4T from Jetpack 3.1

When it gets to the part of installing the software on the TX1, it prompts for SSH info, and connects.

It connects fine and attempts to transfer the cuda*.deb file, but always fails during that upload.

Looking at /var/log/auth.log it keeps telling me that there is an ssh protocol failure. Usually at different points during the transfer.

Then the install script fails because the deb file is invalid.

I ran mtr during the whole process and zero packets were dropped during the same time. It’s definitely SSH/SSHD complaining.

Anyone else see this?

I don’t recall the details, but a while back some ssh protocols were marked deprecated, and many modern systems will reject ssh using the older protocols. Ubuntu 11.04 is not supported for JetPack, and although JetPack runs, it could be that ssh protocols are outdated and rejected.

Also, JetPack does not support use of WiFi, it requires wired ethernet…is this WiFi or wired?

Note that ssh has a “-vvv” option for very verbose operation. If you can reproduce the error with command line ssh (such as “scp” to copy files if you manually try to copy the relevant cuda*.deb files), then the “-vvv” verbose information might say what the exact problem is.

Ahh nice catch! I see all kinds of mixed information in documents / pdfs…

I’ll try with newer ubuntu and on wired.

Thanks for the tips!

Beware that the officially supported host (when using JetPack) is Ubuntu 14.04. Also, expect a VM to fail without work in tuning it.

It was the hard wired issue that was the kicker.

It worked like a charm when plugged in via ethernet.