Jetson TX1 JetPack L4T 3.0 issues installing


I have an issue with TX1 trying to install L4T 3.0, it basically only flashes the OS and stops before installing the remaining SW.

I had tried over and over and followed all the steps given in this topic (1-6). the issue is that for some reason after the first reboot the TX1 does not allow any connection and refuses to SSH

my TX1 is connected to the same LAN SW as the host (running Ubuntu 14.0) and all the jetpack is installed on a file system that is a full 2TB HD and I had plenty of space, so the issue is not space.

also I had noticed that the cuda, OpenCV, vision works do not install.

I wonder if NVIDIA has a better way to fix this issue or it is my TX1?

if my TX1 is faulty how do I test it

I will try to downgrade and install L4T 2.3.1 to see if this makes a difference, however if so, please let me know how I can upgrade form the TX1 directly without the terrible support on the installer.

This looks like a duplicate of:

I put a reply there.