problem installing JetPackL4T version 2.1

Hi everyone,

I’m trying to install the JetPack on a TX1. My host is a VM with Ubuntu 14.04LTS. The VM has Internet access. The TX1 is connected to the host using a secondary network card. As soon as the JetPack L4T component Manager opens the message “Downloading update lock” is displayed at the bottom of the window and it stays like that for long time then it change to “Error”. The file log located in the directory _installer/tmp shows the entries below (there is not files under _installer/log).

  1. Can somebody help me to figure out the issue?
  2. Can I just install cuda on the TX1 using a external disk? and forget about the JetPack

2016/03/30 16:34:22 - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
2016/03/30 16:34:22 daemon started
2016/03/30 16:34:22 opening file /home/di26216/jetson/_installer/tmp/jetpackfifo_req
2016/03/30 16:34:22 opening file /home/di26216/jetson/_installer/tmp/jetpackfifo
2016/03/30 16:34:22 file /home/di26216/jetson/_installer/tmp/jetpackfifo* have been opened
2016/03/30 16:34:22 fd is 5
2016/03/30 16:34:22 opening file /home/di26216/jetson/_installer/tmp/jetpackfifo_sigreq
2016/03/30 16:34:22 sigreq fd is 7
pgrep -f nv_info_broker | xargs kill -9
echo ‘YeahFinished77e2762e-ce98-4679-7c4d-c7d80cd6cb9e’
chmod -f 666 /tmp/jetpack_debug.log
2016/03/31 10:13:25 installer exited
2016/03/31 10:13:25 terminating…
2016/03/31 10:13:25 lsof /home/di26216/jetson/_installer/tmp/jetpackfifo | grep jetpackfifo | awk 'BEGIN { ORS=" "} { print $2 } END { print “\n” } ’ | xargs kill -9 ; rm -f /home/di26216/jetson/_installer/tmp/jetpack*; rm -f /home/di26216/jetson/_installer/tmp/.tadphelperpid

CUDA is available separately from the JetPack. I use Fedora, so after I flash a new Jetson I do this from Jetson (first “sudo -s” to get a root shell, and download the CUDA repo file “cuda-repo-l4t-r21.3-6-5-prod_6.5-42_armhf.deb”…note that this file just adds a repository, and does not have any actual package, so this seems to be the correct repo even for TX1/64-bit…if you have a different repo you could add that instead):

dpkg -i cuda-repo-l4t-r21.3-6-5-prod_6.5-42_armhf.deb
apt update
apt-get install cuda-toolkit-6-5

NOTE: Some of this was for Jetson TK1, adjust for your version 7 of CUDA.

When is this problem going to be fixed in the installer ? Is there a workaround for amd64 architecture/packages so that I can use the normal UI to flash the TX1 board I have ?

I select a custom install and deselected that package and installed the amd64 .deb manually. That seemed to work for me and I’m posting here now for folks reading this post

JetPack is somewhat complicated, you’ll have to be more specific about which problems are an issue.

As for amd64, the host side packages for JetPack install which support CUDA development on both host and Jetson do not care if the host CPU is AMD or Intel. JetPack’s limitation to Ubuntu 14.04 is due to the package type…CUDA itself runs great on my Fedora machine which has an AMD CPU (you do have to have an nVidia video card with the nVidia driver, not Nouveau, and both video driver and CUDA install are manual steps).

FYI, for those using a VM, there are some details about VM hosts which can get in the way which are not really an installer issue…VM setup capable of being used for flash requires more setup than VM used just for running typical user space programs.