TX1 L23.2 vlc player black video output

I am using L23.2 release of TX1 with Ubuntu 14.04.
I want to play mp4 file in vlc.

At first inbuilt Totem player was also unable to play .mp4 video file.
But after installing some missing codec using below command it can now play mp4 video file.

sudo apt-get install ubuntu-restricted-extras

But still vlc shows black output for mp4 video playback.

Same thing happens with me while playing mp4 with Qt Multimedia framework. So i think solving this proble with vlc will solve problem with Qt. And in future i want to use vlc-qt for video playback in Qt app.

So what is missing?

Could you try the r24.2 that can play the .mp4 by default video player.

I can try R24.2.

But actually i have developed and tested my V4L2 camera driver based on soc_camera framework.
And if i moved to R24.2 i have to modify my camera driver compatible for V4L2 media-controller framework. I think it would be a separate task for me.

But can you suggest any workaround in R23.2?
I also tried to compiled ffmpeg but still black video output in VLC.
I think still some codec is missing which causes this issue.

I see the below error message when use command mode to play the .mp4 file. That means should not be missing codec cause the black screen.

“error: Failed to resize display”

Where you see above error?? While playing video in VLC?

Using command line to open the vlc you can see the error print in the console screen.
just need type the below command at the terminal. The message should be show.
vlc xxx.mp4

So are you also getting Black Screen with Audio while playing .mp4 video in L4T R23.2? or its just in my case?

I am getting the same error while playing .mp4 video using vlc from command line.
“error: Failed to resize display”

So this means its not codec issue its video driver issue.?
So can we switch video driver?

L23.2 are not maintained any more. You could try to move to r24.x I think this version still support the soc_camera.