TX1 NFS Mount

The TX1 will not mount NFS with its Ubuntu OS. It looks like the kernel is not built for this. Am I missing something?


I have not set up NFS yet on a Jetson, just iSCSI. However, you do need to enable NFS (v3 or v4, depending on your case) in the kernel, plus add packages for user space NFS support. This won’t be any different on a Jetson or any other Linux distribution…Ubuntu admin documents will be valid on L4T for this purpose. I see on R24.2 this is part of the default kernel:

# CONFIG_NFS_V3_ACL is not set
# CONFIG_NFS_V4 is not set
# CONFIG_NFS_SWAP is not set
# CONFIG_NFSD is not set

So it seems likely if you use older NFSv3 (or really really old NFSv2), then the kernel may not need additional modules. However, user space NFS support packages would be an entirely different story, and this is where I’d start researching. Distinguish between packages for mounting an NFS volume, versus serving an NFS volume…serving tends to have more requirements than mounting.

I presume this means I have to rebuild the kernel. Is this true? If so, where are the instructions to do this?

If you use NFSv4, then likely you need to build kernel modules. If you use NFSv3, then it depends on whether you are mounting a remote volume on the Jetson, or if you are using the Jetson as an NFS server (it sounds like Jetson is mounting a remote server, but this needs to be verified). If you are merely mounting remote NFSv3 volumes onto a Jetson, then likely no kernel module build is required. If you are using the Jetson as an NFS export server of any version, then you need to do some kernel work.

Can it be verified that you are mounting from remote to Jetson? Can it be verified which NFS version you require, NFSv3 or NFSv4 (which version does the exporting server use)? Before building kernel modules, its best to check first if you need to do so.

Regardless of which purpose (mount or export) you have, you will need the user space NFS packages used in mount or export. What command are you using at the time of mount failure, and what is the specific error message?

Most L4T is Ubuntu 14.04 LTS, but L4T R24.2 is based on Ubuntu 16.04 LTS. Administration documents may vary depending on which you are using. To find versions, use “head -n 1 /etc/nv_tegra_release” and “cat /etc/issue” to see relevant versions.

As a heads up on kernel build, some features require the base kernel to be rebuilt, others can work with just a module addition. Building just modules is somewhat easier. A few features require building the entire kernel (integrated features and features needed at boot time without an initrd).