tx2 install matplotlib error

When I install matplotlib for python2.7,I input pip install matplotlib in terminal ,but it has error like that imageone.png
but I think my tx2 has installed libfreetype6 and libpng like imagetwo.png

Note that it is asking for the “-dev” package, not the base package. The dev package provides the headers you compile against. You have the libraries, you just don’t have the headers for developing with.

If you try “sudo apt-get install libfreetype6-dev” it might work…if it can’t find the package, then it is probably just a need to add the right repository or option to see dev packages.

Thank you,linuxdev.I have got it.

Hello everyone I am trying to deploy YoloV5 on my jetson tx2 dev board but one of the requirement is matploblib>=3.2.2. However when I install matplotlib with sudo apt-get install python3-matplotlib i see version 2.1.1. What should I do?

Hi berkantay.5,

Please help to open a new topic for your issue. Thanks