Tx2 massflash

please refer to the following topic.

I can not find L4T_quick_start_guide.txt in the download center. where is it?

Please check NVIDIA Jetson Linux Developer Guide : Quick Start | NVIDIA Docs

where is the “README_secureboot.txt”.

hello Henry.Lou,

please visit Jetson Linux Archive page for all L4T release packages.
for example, https://developer.nvidia.com/embedded/linux-tegra-r3273.
you shall see the [TOOLS] section and download secureboot package for necessary files.

tx2 massflash done.
the following messages may help other developers.
first of all, “README_Massflash” is very important, read it carefully.
then, use nvmassflash.sh to build mass flash blob.
creat_maflash.log (37.7 KB)
third, use nvmflash.sh to flash multy target devices.
shell.log (2.9 KB)

flash log for reference.
20230221-163418_5938_flash_1-12.3.log (338.0 KB)

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