TX2 new mechanical assembly drawing - where? C holes

where can I find the current mechanical assembly drawing for TX2?
The ones I have found, have not yet given an A-hole y-value. But could find out through a forum post (from 2018), that it is 154.92 and that there will be an update soon. But I still can’t find any x values ​​for all of the C holes.

That info is not included in assembly file as it can be read in PCB file in DLC: http://developer.nvidia.com/embedded/dlc/jetson-tx1-tx2-developer-kit-carrier-board-c02-design-files

In which file exactly? This folder contains several files and I still can’t find an answer.

Would it be possible to write these 5 x values ​​here in the forum?

A forum post that contains the x-values ​​below each other would be completely sufficient (C holes from left to right and from top to bottom):

x_1l (for y 78.40 left)
x_1r (for y 78.40 right)
x_2l (for y 68.47 left)
x_2r (for y 68.47 right)
x_3 (for y 36.27)

Can you open the .brd file in package with Allegro? If so, you can get coordinate of each component/hole by clicking it and reading the info.

thx you