Mechanical Drawing


I can’t find any mechanical drawing for Jetson TX2 in the documentation.
Specially, I need the exact location of the 400-pin connector with respect to 3.5mm holes.

I know that it is possible to find this data in Jetson TX2 3D model, and probably in the P2597 pcb file.

But a PDF drawing is preferred!

Please refer to the module datasheet for the connector location or the PCB file of devkit carrier board (P2597) for that of carrier.

The location of the connector does NOT exist in the datasheet.

Below is the only given diagram, from the latest version of the datasheet:

Hi, did you check figure 8?


Yes I checked it. It is for TX2i and TX2 4GB.

Even in that figure, the reference line to the connector is vague!

It is for TX2 too. The location of connector is clear in the figure. Also you can refer to the Design Guide for more info of the connector.

It is not mentioned in the datasheet that the figure 8 is for TX2 too.

I am not agree with you. Figure 7 and 8 are very unclear. Also they are of very low visual quality.

The reference line to the connector in the figure 8 is connected to an unrecognizable point.


Generate a clear PDF drawing containing all details a designer need, specially the exact location of the connector with respect to holes.
It is very common for a product to have such a drawing in its datasheet.

That’s what we can provide currently. If you think it is unclear, please refer to the 3D model file in DLC.



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