Tx2 nx install JetPack 4.5.1 then no free disk space

Hi, I’m new for tx2 nx.
I’m installed Jetpack4.5.1 on tx2 nx.
And there no enough space for others (ex: pytorch or keras).
Did anyone know how to add space for install them ?
Or how to free up it?


You can add extra disk for it.


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Hi, @WayneWWW
Is this add extra disk or boot from external device ?
Can I add external SD card to original disk space ?

Booting “/” (rootfs) from an external device is more involved than if you just want to mount an SD card or other device to a specific mount point which isn’t “/”. For example, if you partition an SD card and format it as ext4, you can set it up to mount on “/usr/local”, which happens to be where almost all of the high disk consumption occurs for CUDA and CUDA-related apps.

You can copy over current “/usr/local” content to the SD card, and then mount the SD card. The “/usr/local” content would still be on the original eMMC, but would temporarily “disappear” while the SD card is mounted. Or, if you are satisfied with the copy to SD, you could then delete the eMMC content. Lots of options.

If you wanted to set up the SD card for that just say so and info can be given on how to use it on “/usr/local” (boot from external device does not occur with this).

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