Tx2 nx

Thank you for taking the time to read my question. I have a question about the PCIE of TX2 NX to consult.

My question is: PCIE0 in PCIE has X2 lane Configurations that support X2 and X1 configurations, Can I just use PCIE0_RX0_N,PCIE0_RX0_P,PCIE0_TX0_N,PCIE0_TX0_P,PCIE0_CLK_N,PCIE0_CLK_P,PCIE0_RST*,PCIE0_CLKREQ* to form the X1 configuration, Without connecting the PCIE0_RX1_N, PCIE0_RX1_P, PCIE0_TX1_N, PCIE0_TX1_P signals?


Welcome to the NVIDIA Developer forums. I am moving this topic to the Jetson TX2 category for visibility.

Tom K

OK,no problem. Looking forward to TX2 team’s reply.

Yes, that should be okay.

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