Tx2 on jetPack 4.5.1

When I installed two TX2 systems with the latest jetpack 4.5.1, I went into TX2 and switched to maximum power mode 0. I found that my TX2, CPU2 and cpu3 worked at 0%. Even if I let them work overload and other CPUs worked at about 90%, CPU2 and cpu3 still worked at 0%. Only at the moment of switching mode, they would change. Is this a TX2 hardware problem or not suitable for jetpack 4.5.1.

This is not a bug. These two cores are disabled on purpose.

thanks, i figured that.

Hello Wayne, Could I know why Nvidia default disable the two cores on Jetpack 4.5.1?

Please check the release note in this website. There is the reason for it.

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