TX2 Power measurements

Hello to everyone,

I am working with the Jetson TX2 development kit. I build a couple of small DL models and now I want to test the energy consumption for the inference process. I found a script on Github that uses the “Software-based power consumption modeling” taking advantage of the 3-channel INA3221 power monitors built into the jetson TX2 module.

The “Software-based power consumption modeling” is described here in section 2.1. :

Now I am new to this field and I cannot figure out what components are monitored under the names “SOC” and “Main module”. I am aware that SOC stands for system on a chip but isn’t the CPU for example part of the SOC? But more importantly the majority of the power goes to the “main module”. What components are meant here?
All six power rails are named in the document linked above in section 2.1.

The github repository with code utilizing this is linked below. There you can find an example graph if thats helpful.

Thank you very much! I hope this forum is the right place to ask. If not I’d appreciate tips for alternatives.

Hi paulboehnke95, the Main Module input (VDD_IN) powers all the other rails and reflects the overall module power consumption.

The SoC rail includes miscellaneous SoC power from on-chip components and circuitry other than the CPU and GPU. It does not reflect total SoC power (that would be SoC + CPU + GPU).

For additional documentation on the INA power monitors, please refer to Chapter 6 of the Jetson TX2 Thermal Design Guide.