TX2+six-IMX219 with Inconsistent image colors

hello everyone:
I successfully played six imx219 images on tx2, but there are three images with reddish colors and the other three are normal.The six-way camera uses a consistent mode parameter to play, and I found that it is related to the location attribute under the tegra-camera-platfrom devicetree node. The exceptions are topleft, bottomright, and topright.
Does anyone know why?

Do 3 of the cameras have the same “badge” name, and the other 3 not ?
Incorrect “badge” name for you sensor will mess up the colors and optical correction for it, and the
location attribute will mess up the order of video0, video1 etc…

it could also be that it needs to re generate the nvcam bin (ISP) files, don’t have the correct path to them here at the moment…
Delete them and they will re generate…

hello zhangxd260,

  1. is reddish colors issue depend on specific camera id?
    could you please launching each camera individually to confirm reddish issue is related to multiple camera use-case.
  2. please review your sensor device tree to confirm you had correct “badge” property as Spawn32’s suggestion in comment #2.