Ubuntu 13.04 64bits

I’m following the installation guide but encountering some problems.
This is the first error I get when trying to install

Installing PGI MPICH1 components into /opt/pgi
This might take awhile ...
/home/ignacio/Downloads/pgilinux-2013-137/install_mpich: 109: /home/ignacio/Downloads/pgilinux-2013-137/install_mpich: cannot create /opt/pgi/linux86/13.7/bin/localrc: Directory nonexistent

See the files /opt/pgi/linux86-64/13.7/mpi.csh[,.sh]
for examples of how to set your environment to run and debug MPI programs.
./install: 694: cd: can't cd to /opt/pgi/linux86/13.7
ln: failed to create symbolic link ‘./mpi’: File exists
ln: failed to create symbolic link ‘./mpi’: File exists

What am I doing wrong? How can I fix it?


Make sure you have gcc support for both 32-bit and 64-bit compiles, in your $PATH, and make sure it is the same gcc compilers as when you use gcc.

Take a simple hello.c program.

% gcc -m64 -o hello_64 hello.c
% file hello_64
% gcc -m32 -o hello_32 hello.c
% file hello_32

Then install the compilers. A localrc file should be create in each PGI bin directory which will ndicate whjere gcc is.

No 32-bit gcc, means no 32-bit pgcc/pgfortran .


As Dave says, it looks like you don’t have the gcc 32 bit libraries installed.


sudo apt-get install gcc-multilib lib6-i386