Ubuntu 15.10 nVidia 355 Can't come back from screensaver


I have a GTX 980M laptop with fully updated (as of 12/11/2015) Ubuntu 15.10 and the nvidia driver 355.11 installed from the new graphics-drivers ppa.

If I have the system set to turn my screen off (black) after X minutes of inactivity, it goes black but then I can not make it re-activate. Moving the mouse or hitting keys wont do anything. If I have a second external monitor connected, that one comes back normally, while the main one remains black.

Suspending via the suspend button on the laptop and then waking up works fine, however an error message flashes for a second upon waking up.

Suspending by closing the lid and then waking up has some weird behavior. It will either wake up after opening the lid then instantly suspend again (the 2nd time it wakes it works fine), or it will hang upon wake up showing the error message attached on the screenshot here:

Brightness control does not work. You see the bar moving up and down but nothing changes. Amazing fact is that if you suspend/wake or log out log back in, brightness magically starts working!!!

ctrl+alt+f1-f6 terminals don’t work but that’s not a huge problem. They have never worked on this laptop…

I have no idea what to do at this point. It should be noted that if I deactivate my nvidia card and boot with the intel onboard gpu, everything works fine. My laptop has a mux hardware switch for cards. NOT only fly switching with optimus.

I just don’t get how after so many years we have to face issues like this. Simple things like suspend/resume and screen blacking out/locking after inactivity should be SIMPLE to get right.

Does anybody have any clue about fixing any of these issues? I gave 358 beta a try and nothing changed.

I am facing a similar problem, but only if an external Monitor is attached.
Ubuntu 15.10, AcerAspire E5 771G, NVIDIA GeTorce 840. With Ubuntu 15.04 it used to work fine.
Any ideas?