Ubuntu 20.04 won't boot after recent kernel and/or driver update (5.8.0-50/nvidia-driver-460)

After recent software updates, my system will no longer boot with nvidia drivers. The current kernel level is 5.8.0-50 with nvidia-driver-460. I can restore a snapshot of my drive from a few weeks ago when things were working with kernel 5.8.0-49 and nvidia-driver-450. I have tried to install that driver using sudo apt install nvidia-driver-450, but it still tells me it’s going to install 460. Here is my bug report, any help would be appreciated. nvidia-bug-report.log.gz (380.9 KB)

The nvidia driver seems fine. You have a broken displylink driver installed that’s freaking out. Please uninstall it.

Thank you – that did the trick. My docking station no longer works for my displays, but that’s probably a DisplayLink issue. Luckily I have 2 display ports on my laptop, so I am still able to use the external displays, but this renders my docking station almost pointless. Thank you for your help.