ubuntu cuda-10.1 update 2 - Nsight Eclipse Edition failed to launch

I just installed CUDA 10.1 Update 2. I have done all the post-installation steps as per the installation guide - the samples compiled and ran successfully. But Night Eclipse Edition fails to launch and shows --> "An error has occurred. See the log file ". I have attached the log file [It’s a google drive link].

PS: I am using Ubuntu 18.04. The CUDA installation seems to have installed openjdk-11-jre even though jdk1.8.0/bin was added to the system PATH.

Log File Link: https://drive.google.com/open?id=13GcfWQnJWS6JviOeEqFng05lC2jZyLRF

Based on this article https://stackoverflow.com/questions/41068508/cannot-launch-nvidia-nsight, it seems that openjdk is not supported by nsight eclipse edition. And I didn’t have andy openjdk installed prior to CUDA installation, only Oracle jdk1.8.0u221 was set in the system PATH.

PS: But the nsight studio documentation says https://docs.nvidia.com/cuda/nsight-eclipse-edition-getting-started-guide/index.html#installation-jdk-jre --> OpenJDK-8 is supported and nothing about OpenJDK-11.

How do I make nsight studio use Oracle JDK 1.8.0u221 ?