Instructions to fix Nsight Eclipse Edition 10.0

Hi all: I am just getting started with a Jetson Nano and I am attempting to get a Ubuntu 18.04_LTS host set up. I have installed the NVidia SDK Manager and downloaded and successfully installed all the components in the SDK. However, when I attempt to run Nsight Eclipse Edition 10.0 the IDE crashes while loading. I have searched for a solution but found nothing that has worked for me. Does anyone have a “known-to-work” set of instructions to get a virgin install of Nsight via the SDK to run? I find it hard to believe NVidia would publish this without testing that it at least starts.

Thanks for the hand holding, Chris.

i meet the some problem on Ubuntu 18.04 X64

Jun: here is what to do. Download the oracle version of Java 8 and then be sure to set the alternatives for both java and javac. Nsight Eclipse will then load as it should.


Has someone made it work without oracle java?

I found a solution, see the other thread:

Unless you plan on commercial use, I see no reason not to use Oracle Java. Yes I know they are pricks. My worry is what breaks with the next update. With that said, Nvidia failed by not publishing the SDK with nsight eclipse broken. I’m glad there are other solutions - always better to have options.