White Logo screen with Nsight loading and stall

Dear All

This is a problem already docummented but did not solved for me.



We tried several javas (Oracle and not, several versions)

Can you give some more sugestions?


Luis Gonçalves

Java HotSpot™ 64-Bit Server VM warning: ignoring option MaxPermSize=256m; support was removed in 8.0
CompilerOracle: exclude java/lang/reflect/Array.newInstance

Excluding compile: static java.lang.reflect.Array::newInstance

Above, output from nsight


Not a Virtual Machine

Graphics Drive 415.xx
Ubuntu 18.04
Legacy (Not UEFI)

I already saw that link. See my post in


Still an issue


Luis Gonçalves

Only a small update

The card is an

ASUS with a RTX2070 8 GBytes

I believe your problem is that you are using a virtual machine!

Please check out my post on not using a virtual machine here:

Also, you will get some more info on the challenges with running Ubuntu on a host machine that has an NVIDIA graphics card attached to it. I believe I talk about the VM experience also:

I tried running with Ubuntu 18.04 LTS with Oracle VirtualBox. It was a royal nightmare. My advice is to partition your computer’s drive and install Ubuntu 18.04 LTS natively, preferably on a machine that does not have an NVIDIA graphics card. You will get more details in the posts above, but I just want to emphasis that you should not try to run on a VM. Even if you overcome this problem, there are going to be other headaches down the road with the VM. Trust me, I’ve spent weeks trying to dodge one issue after another. On a natively install, it is easy like Sunday morning!

-Cuda Education

Ok try the following:

  1. Try a different version of the JRE

  2. I know with CUDA Toolkit 10 on Windows, I had an issue with Secure Boot. Maybe its related to Nsight but I have no clue.


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It is a new graphics card, so maybe NVIDIA doesn’t even realize the issue yet.