Guide on NVIDIA Nsight Cross Compilation Setup


Is there any info on how to setup cross compilation on the Nsight for non-CUDA development on a Jetson Nano? I just need an IDE for development and debugging of a gstreamer application on the Jetson.

Secondly, is it possible to compile the multimedia API samples with this setup?



Please find the Nsight EE below:


Thanks for the reply. Two questions :

  1. As I mentioned in my first message, I’m interested in developing non-CUDA applications. Is the nsight eclipse plugin suitable? Or is aimed more at cuda applications only?

  2. Leaving nsight aside, I’ve seen a couple of your nvidia colleagues mention that you use cross compiling almost exclusively. Is there a particular reason for this when it comes to non-CUDA apps?


1. Yes. Nsight EE can support it. It is an IDE environment for development.

2. Sometimes it is not easy to get all the packages for cross-compiling.


My thought is that it was rare for embedded systems of the past to even remotely approach the performance of a Jetson. That plus limits on RAM and disk storage meant those older systems were pretty slow for compiling. There are probably other reasons, but once you’ve set up for cross compile, then you can also build for more than one target platform.

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