UEFI flash question

Hi, I have been study UEFI for days and successfully build the UEFI and get the result

csp@csp:~/nvidia_source/uefi_lxh/nvidia-uefi-r35.2.1/images$ ls
AcpiBoot_Jetson_DEBUG.dtbo         BootOrderNvme_Jetson_DEBUG.dtbo    BootOrderUsb_Jetson_DEBUG.dtbo
AcpiBoot_Jetson_RELEASE.dtbo       BootOrderNvme_Jetson_RELEASE.dtbo  BootOrderUsb_Jetson_RELEASE.dtbo
BOOTAA64_Jetson_DEBUG.efi          BootOrderPxe_Jetson_DEBUG.dtbo     builddir_Jetson_DEBUG.txt
BOOTAA64_Jetson_RELEASE.efi        BootOrderPxe_Jetson_RELEASE.dtbo   builddir_Jetson_RELEASE.txt
BootOrderEmmc_Jetson_DEBUG.dtbo    BootOrderSata_Jetson_DEBUG.dtbo    L4TConfiguration_Jetson_DEBUG.dtbo
BootOrderEmmc_Jetson_RELEASE.dtbo  BootOrderSata_Jetson_RELEASE.dtbo  L4TConfiguration_Jetson_RELEASE.dtbo
BootOrderHttp_Jetson_DEBUG.dtbo    BootOrderUfs_Jetson_DEBUG.dtbo     uefi_Jetson_DEBUG.bin
BootOrderHttp_Jetson_RELEASE.dtbo  BootOrderUfs_Jetson_RELEASE.dtbo   uefi_Jetson_RELEASE.bin

And I see NVIDIA give the flash flow is to replace Linux_for_Tegra/bootloader/
with uefi_Jetson_RELEASE.bin is ok
But my teacher’s doc mentions it also need to replace BOOTAA64_Jetson_RELEASE.efi as well, and it can not be flash partition into board, only by full flashing can it flash into board.

I wonder is there necessary to replace and flash BOOTAA64_Jetson_RELEASE.efi when flash UEFI?

Hi 854053437,

Are you using the devkit or custom board?
What’s your Jetpack version in use? JP5.1(R35.2.1)?

It depends on your use case and it is not necessary to update BOOTAA64.efi.
i.e. you could use the updated uefi_jetson.bin with original BOOTAA64.efi.

We are using custom board, and the version is R35.2.1

It depends on your use case and it is not necessary to update BOOTAA64.efi .

I just don’t know how BOOTAA64.efi works in UEFI, and in which situation it should be updated.

BOOTAA64.efi is used for EFI partition, which stores the boot files and settings.
You don’t need to update this at the most of the time.

Thanks, I get it!