Unable to change Email address

My Email address registered for NVIDIA is out of use anymore. In case of missing any message from NVIDIA I would like to change my Email address. However when I follow the instructions that was provided it eventually show “Email cannot be changed at this time”. Can the engineer help me to set my new Email address manually? BTW I have already PM Tom my old Email address and new one. Hope this would make my problem solved faster.

Hi @tktube123456,

I have sent your information to the team that manages the login platform.
Please allow for up to a day to process this request.


I have already received a verification Email. By following the step in this mail I was able to modify my Email address. Really appreciate for your efforts and really impressive with the efficiency of the engineer. Gladly my problem just solved and I am about to grab a RTX 4070 at micro center while NVIDIA is such a reliable company.

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