Unable to detect Logitech C270 on JP 4.5.1 on Jetson Nano

Unable to detect Logitech C270 on JP 4.5.1, on Jetson Nano. Infact applications like cheese and gstreamer don’t seem to recognize the camera under /dev . But upon testing it was found that the camera showed itself on JP 4.3.
The camera is detected under lsusb

The dmesg --follow on JP 4.5.1 showed the following (PFA).


Looks like the camera is correctly handled by USB, but no driver is claiming the device (and it is the driver loading which creates the “/dev/video#” device special file). Normally any USB camera which is a “standard” USB video class (“UVC”) will always have a driver available, and only cameras using a non-generic/custom driver would have any issue with this.

If the camera is a “UVC” device, then the driver should automatically be there and load and create the “/dev/video#” file.

To find out more about the device, which your screenshot shows as “idVendor=046d”, and “idProduct=0825”, you can use “lsusb” with the option to list only that vendor/product:
lsusb -d 0825:046d'. To get the full verbose listing: sudo lsusb -d 0825:046d -vvv`

Post the output of the verbose lsusb. If this shows as a non-UVC device, then this explains the lack of the device special file. If this is UVC, then perhaps more can be done to get this working. I am convinced this is not an issue specific to a Jetson, but perhaps there is some workaround required for this kernel release.