Unable to get HDMI display

We designed our own Carrier Board to work with NANO Core Board. However, HDMI connector could not dispaly.
The debug message shows that
‘[0009.086] pmc_set_io_pad_voltage: Error -2 retrieving platform-io-pad-voltagepropsetting ‘avdd-io-hdmi-dp’ regulator to 1050000 micro volts
[0009.101] setting ‘vdd-1v8’ regulator to 1800000 micro volts
[0009.108] could not find regulator
[0009.111] could not find regulator
[0009.115] could not find regulator’
Can you help explain what this message mean?

One more question, we designed Carrier Board referring to NANO Core Board version B01, however we verfied with A02,so is there any difference with Core Board between A02 and B01?

hi 93436536:

1: need check avdd-io-hdmi-dp regulator in devicetree
please upload log file for analyzing
2:diff bwtewwn B02&A01
pin outs are different

  1. Attachment is the complete log message file.
  2. You may misunderstand what I mean, I know that the pin out of A02 and B01 are different. Are the Core Board of two versions same?
    debug_message.txt (20.0 KB)

A02 module is not compatible to B01 carrier board. If you are using A02 module on custom carrier board based on B01, there might be some problems. Please get one B01 module to your carrier board.

I got it. Can you give me the link of A02 module schematic, so we can check the differences. We could not find the link.

No, A02 is only for development not for product design reference. Please do not use it on custom design. Its schematic is not public.

OK. We will try it with B01 module. Thank you for your advise.