HDMI port doesnt work on custom board


I designed a custom board jetson-nano I think, I have problem with hdmi output.

I Have two modules

one is p3448 180-13448-DAAA-B01

when I plug this module to my cutom board, I get this screen

second module sd card version p3448 180-13448-DAAA-A02. I finished its installation on devkit p3450. And It works on devkit, But not on my custom board. I get black screen.

My schematics

I referenced antmicro and devkit while designing.

This is not related to HDMI. Sharing a display schematic does not help.
It is triggered by some unknown pin/button detection during boot process and cause that.

Dump your serial console log from UART and it will tell.

Something duplicated with your issue.

Thank you for yor respond
I figured out that
p3448 180-13448-DAAA-B01 and p3448 180-13448-DAAA-A02 have different pinouts.
that’s way I couldn’t make a02 work.

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I will look that

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